Powell Street Festival is a celebration of the Japanese-Canadian culture in Vancouver.
It is held at Oppenheimer Park in East Vancouver.

A 2-day event with martial arts, family activities, historical walking tours and of course FOOD!

What We Ordered:

BBQ Salmon Dinner Plate $10
Comes with rice, and coleslaw.

Salmon BBQ was slightly salty. Cooked well and not burned.
It fell apart very easily.

Watch out for the bones in the Salmon BBQ!

Spam Musubi
1 Piece for $3
Spam on rice wrapped with seaweed.
Spam and rice is a simple combination, popular in Hawaiian cuisine.

Octopus or Squid
 6 Pieces for $6

Takoyaki octopus was very good. Maybe a little doughy and soft.
Nice toppings, and sauce. Good portion size and price.

There’s also a Sumo Tournament!
Sumo Tournament also had women competitors.
Winners get a bag of white rice from Fujiya Japanese Market!

Powell Street Fest is a nice way to spend the BC Day Long Weekend. The street parking is limited so walking to the park is a good a idea.

It is located in the downtown east side, so be aware of your belongings. The organizers do a good job of cleaning up the park for the event.

CASH ONLY. Bring cash. No debit or credit accepted by the vendors. There is an ATM in the Buddhist Temple open to the public.

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