Epic Fried Chicken Sandwich at Re-Up BBQ.

Re-Up BBQ at River Market in New Westminster is a popular eatery known for their Southern BBQ and Fried Chicken. They use ingredients made in-house, and sandwich buns sourced from a bakery in the same building. They started in 2010 as a food truck and eventually got a space in the River Market.

The previous owner was inspired by the TV show ‘The Wire,’ so he named the business Re-Up. ‘Proposition Joe’ Platter on their menu is named after the character from the show.

Note: We were invited to River Market to try the chicken sandwich. The meal in this video was complimentary. As a new low budget blog, we appreciate the kind gesture. However, as you can see from the video, the Chicken Sandwich is pretty awesome, so we will be making repeat visits to Re-Up using our own hard earned cash.

Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich
– Chicken Marinated for 24 hours
– Homemade Guac
– Homemade BBQ Sauce
– Homemade Chipotle Mayo
– Homemade Spicy Coleslaw
– Cheese
– JalapeƱo Chili Pepper
– Bacon Smoked and Cured in House!
– Kaiser Bun from Pamola Bakery & Deli

This chicken sandwich is fully loaded with flavor and ingredients made in-house. Now that’s EPIC!

The chicken was tender, and the batter has a nice crunch with the bacon. The cheese, guac, bacon, coleslaw and sauces are an awesome combination.

The Kaiser bun was soft and holds all the ingredients well enough before getting messy.

The spicy coleslaw, and chili pepper has a mild spicy flavor and had no lingering burn. The other ingredients like cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, mayo, and guac, overpower the spice which is good because you want to be able to enjoy the sandwich without a burning mouth.

Regular Fries
Pretty good, with some seasoning. The fries are thin cut with no potato skins. They also have Poutine Fries.

Sweet Tea
Very good. Definitely sweet. Order the lemon soda if you’re not a fan of sweet drinks.

Chicken Sandwich $9.75
Fries $4.75
Sweet Tea $2.75

Re-Up offers discounts everyday of the week for students, teachers, police and firefighters,
goofy outfits, and more. Be sure to ask about the weekly deals before ordering.

Kaiser Buns used at Re-Up are baked fresh and delivered  from Pamola Bakery & Deli
in River Market!

Generous portion size, and good price.

Excellent ingredients made in-house.
No skimping on the good stuff!

Very good. Friendly and fast.

Good menu, very good price, portion size,
and ingredients. Re-Up BBQ is a two thumbs up!

 Address: 810 Quayside Dr,
New Westminster, BC V3M 6B9


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