Sweets and Beans Korean Cafe is a located in the lower part of Glenedward
Johnson House, a heritage house converted to a restaurant in Burnaby.
Sushi Oyama is on the upper level.

You’ll notice on their menu Western dishes like pizza, bagels,
even hamburgers, along with Korean desserts.
Sadly, no kimbap, or kimchi on the menu.

Lots of seating with cool art on the walls. A nice place to study or to EAT! They even have a complimentary water dispenser.

Fun Fact: Glenedward Johnson House was formerly a funeral home.

$1 coffee is offered when you buy $3 pastries. Good deal?
There’s more to this cafe than croissants!

Real food!
This is not like Tim Hortons or Starbucks. There is a real kitchen serving real food. Pastas, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and more.

First impression. Where’s the food?
The dish is covered in greens.
Chef’s odd creative choice to cover the main in veggies.

Vancouver Toasted $14
Smoked salmon on toasted bread with 2 poached eggs.
You’re given a choice of regular salmon or smoked salmon,
and eggs cooked scrambled or poached.

PROTIP: Speak Up!
Main menu items don’t come with a drink.
The server offered a $1 medium coffee only after
asking about it. Ask about a drink with your Main!

Nice combination of flavors.
The cheese and smoked salmon
are delicious!

Now for dessert!
A bit of a wait to get food.

Mango Cheese Bingsoo $11 (Small)
Shaved ice Korean style, with cubes of Mango, cheese, scoop of ice cream, sauce.

Not too sweet. Good mango cubes.
Pretty generous serving. It is $11 however…

Eating the whole Bingsoo will make you COLD!

Total Spent at Sweets and Beans Cafe
Mango Cheese Bingsoo $11.00
Vancouver Toasted $14.00
Coffee $1.00
Tax $1.30
Tip $1.00
TOTAL $28.30


$-$$ Affordable. Cheap pastries, a little pricey main dishes but not outrageously priced.

It’s good. Good amount of cheese and salmon on toast. The poached egg was a little too runny.
Bingsoo was delicious. Fair portion size.

Good. Friendly. Server recommended a few menu items.
Bad. The server never asked the style of poached egg — Soft, Medium, or Hard-poached. Drink not included with the Main dish. A bit of a wait to get items from kitchen. Food is not brought to your table. Clean up your own dishes.

A unique cafe in Burnaby offering a little bit of everything with food more substantial than typical cafes bites. Korean desserts and spacious. Worth repeat visits to try the menu. Parking might be hard to find in the area. CASH CARD


5152 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2E8

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