Happy Day Cafe serves Hong Kong style cuisine, Western and Asian dishes.

Good price, and portion size, the breakfast combos are a complete breakfast meal served with a drink. Yes, you can have Asian noodle soup, Omelette and French Toast. Definitely, not a boring breakfast.

They also have a make your own soup menu. Available only after breakfast.

What We Ordered

Breakfast Combo D + E = $11.50
Beef w/ Parsley Noodle Soup + Sunny Side Eggs regular toast.

Breakfast Combo C + D = $9.95
Beef Noodle Soup + Omelette and French Toast.

Hong Kong Milk Tea
Included with breakfast combo.

Good amount of food for the price.

Good dishes served hot.

A little slow during the breakfast rush.

A good breakfast if you’re craving
Western and Asian food.

Address: 4300 Kingsway #5,
Burnaby, BC V5H 1Z8

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