Andamiro Korean Bistro on Kingsway in East Vancouver, offers lunch combos of traditional Korean favorites. Yes, you can have your tofu soup, AND bibimbap too.

via Wikipedia – The name Andamiro actually means
 “So much that the cup runneth over”.

An abundance of FOOD is the theme of the restaurant, which features Lunch Combos.

What We Ordered
– Tofu Soup and Bibimbap Lunch Combo

– Bibimbap and Mackerel Lunch Combo

Included: Barley tea!
-Banchan – Salad, Bean Sprouts, Kimchi, and Potato.
-Assorted sauces.

Bibimbap Beef, mixed veggies.
– Hot, steaming in a stone bowl. Veggie, meat, and rice dish. Can’t beat a good bowl of bibimbap.

Soondubu Seafood, tofu soup (Mild Spice).
– Steaming, very good!
– Nice chunks of tofu, and pieces of seafood.

Korean grilled mackerel.
– Wish this was a bigger piece, but was still good.

For the amount of food, the price of the combos is very good. No wonder this place is very popular. Andamiro is a solid choice for Korean food, lunch.

VALUE: Great combos, price and PORTIONS!
SERVICE: Good response to requests even when busy.

Address: 2568 Kingsway St, Vancouver, BC V5R 5H2

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