Yogi Korean Snackbar is a small shop on Robson Street in West End.
Their menu has a little bit of everything, noodles, deep fried stuff, and Kimbap.

These “snacks” are actually very filling meals considering the portion size.

Barley Tea is included. There is a tea dispenser in the restaurant.

A side of soup is also included with orders.

What We Ordered:

Bulgogi (Beef) Kimbap (10 pieces)  is loaded with filling,
fresh rice, and seasoning.

There are 5 kinds of Kimbap on the menu.
– Veggie, Cheese, Ham, Tuna & Mayo, Bulgogi.

Kimchi Ramyun
“Famous Korean spicy noodle” Instant noodle brand?
– Nicely prepared. Lots of toppings.

Tui-Kim Set (Korean Tempura):
Deep fried goodness! Comes with dip sauce.
– Kim-Mari (Vermicelli, seaweed).
– Goon Man-Doo (Pork Dumpling).
– Ya-Chae (Veggies, carrots).

VALUE: Good price and PORTIONS!
SERVICE: Friendly. Good service speed.

Worth return trips to try everything on the menu.

Address: 1706 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2J7

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