Jarrito Loco Tacos & Mexican Restaurant serves up authentic Tex-Mex.

This is a new Mexican restaurant on Kingsway in East Vancouver, which opened late December 2017, featuring some eye-catching branding on the outside of restaurant: A funny cartoon cactus.

“Loco” means crazy in Spanish, so are the tacos CRAZY good?

Here’s what we ordered:

#8 Tacos (3 individual tacos per order)
– Meat choices: Pork, chorizo, and beef. (no Chicken)
– Tacos come with side of greens, sour cream,
 lime, and green salsa.

#10 Baked Wet Big Burrito
– Beef, fried beans, lettuce, rice, mozzarella. Topped with
melted cheese, and green sauce (salsa).
– Burrito comes with side of greens, sour cream,
 and green salsa.

The Good:
Enjoyed the burrito more than the tacos. The burrito has lots of fillings, and cheese.

Overall good fresh ingredients, and sauces. Nice presentation.

The Bad:
The tacos were too small, not enough fillings, and the price makes it disappointing! For a place with tacos in their name you’d expect the tacos to be the best item on the menu. Unfortunately, the tacos need work, or the price lowered.

It is worth a visit to Jarrito Loco Tacos.

 Address: 1707 Kingsway St, Vancouver, BC V5N 2S4

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