Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant is known for their All You Can Eat sushi menu. Popular with the lunch crowd, the menu offers a variety of sushi, and various cooked items like fried chicken karaage, udon noodle soup, and more.

WARNING AYCE LOVERS: This restaurant doesn’t have Sashimi on their AYCE lunch menu. You’ll have to settle for the Nigiri for raw fish.

Tomokazu along with Shabusen have been in Vancouver for many years. They’re both go-to restaurants for AYCE sushi fans.

We ordered:
– Tuna roll
– Salmon roll
– Avocado roll
– Cucumber roll
– Spicy Tuna cone
– Chicken Karaage
-Salmon nigiri
– Tuna nigiri
– Beef udon
– Chicken udon
– sunomono
– miso
– salad

The chicken karaage is boneless, and is very good almost like chicken nuggets / chicken tenders. (Other sushi restaurants use chicken wings for Karaage.)

Overall this restaurant is good for your All You Can Eat sushi craving.

TIP: PARKING at Tomokazu is only paid parking on the street or at the Toys R Us parking lot. Parking entrance behind Toys R Us.


Address: 1128 W Broadway #201, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G5

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