GRANVILLE STREET IN DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER, July 9, 2021. Granville Street is Vancouver’s Entertainment District with shops, theatres, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants. Granville is a historic part of the city currently changing with new businesses and buildings.

Granville Street has a unique character. There are murals and artworks on this street. The mural in front of Venue Nightclub is a Thank You to Healthcare Workers. Nice stop for a photo. Unfortunately for partygoers, the nightclub is closed and up for sale!

Let’s see what’s happening on Granville Street!

At Granville and Smithe there is Dublin Calling, Movieland Arcade, Roxy Burger, Vogue Theatre, Cinema Pub, Speakeasy. Movieland Arcade is famous for being an odd rundown quarter arcade that manages to survive the times. How many more years will it survive?


Cinema Pub is owned by Donnelly Group who also owns Lamplighter, and Railway. Cinema Pub is most famous for Shia LaBeouf getting beat up outside in 2011.


Cavo Bar+Kitchen
Modern Mediterranean
Popular for drinks, patio, Happy Hour. Also open for Breakfast.


Patios of Granville Street. The patios are a nice addition to Granville Street! Hopefully, they get installed permanently. Depending on the restaurant the patios are nicely made with nice street views.

Speakeasy Granville
Pub, and Pub Grub
Popular for drinks, patio. They even have a breakfast menu.


Granville Street during the day you’ll find breakfast, lunch, Happy Hour, or just drinks at a pub. During the week there are students, and office workers that keep Granville in business. On the weekend, people from all over the Lower Mainland come to Granville.


Granville Street has a history of rowdy behaviour, fights, and other crime at NIGHT. During the day it is pretty calm.

When walking around downtown always be aware of your surroundings! Watch out for the bus if you’re walking too close to the road!


Cheap eats on Granville Street!
Slice Pizza popular any time of the day! Good prices for students and night clubbers. Romano’s Pizza and Megabite are two options in this area.


At Granville and Nelson there are hotels, hostels, and more bars. Here you will find greasy food to compliment a night of drinking: Megabite Pizza, Mean Poutine as well as International cuisine here, Fresh Donair, Crave Indian, Mexican and Thai. There’s also Tim Hortons, 7 Eleven, A&W, and Blenz.


Megabite is a local chain of pizza shops with some good deals. This location at Granville and Nelson has been here for many years.


2 Slices and Pop $6.19
Slice 1 – Hawaiian
Slice 2 – Meat Lovers
Good toppings and spicy sauce with chili flakes.


Fresh Donair
Turkish Cuisine
Halal menu with Shawarma, Falafel and more.
Lunch combo includes a drink!

La Loteria, Mexican Street Food
Mexican Cuisine
Nice to see Mexican restaurants popping up on Granville Street! Vancouver needs more authentic Mexican, and Latin cuisine!

Crave India Restaurant
Indian Cuisine


Granville Street has a mix of ‘hotels.’ There are hotels for tourists and then hotels for low income housing called S.R.O. Hotel Regal is NOT a tourist hotel, it is a S.R.O Single Room Occupancy.


Street Auntie Aperitivo House

Modern Asian Fusion

Lunch Special


The Mexican Antojitos y Cantina
Mexican, Latin cuisine
Food, drinks, patio, TVs for sports. Popular spot!

Thai Town
Thai Cuisine
Good combos and prices.

Lunch Combo $12.99
Thai Curry, rice, spring rolls, salad included


Thai Away from Home
Thai Cuisine
Good prices. Clean bright restaurant.


The Templeton
Diner food, Greasy spoon
Popular diner spot but not diner prices.

The Pawn Shop
Pub, Pub Grub
Music, drinks, patio.




KINGS KITCHEN IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED PERMANENTLY OUT OF BUSINESS. This was reviewed on Gutom. Sad to see a Hong Kong Style restaurant on Granville shut down.




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