Sushi Royal House at Grandview and Renfrew serves Japanese cuisine and Korean food! If you ever wanted Korean and Japanese food at the same time this place has it. But is it any good?

Sushi Royal House has a massive menu!
Rolls, Cones, Combos, Tempura, Bento and Korean items like Tofu Soup. A la carte sushi typically has fancier sushi plates compared to AYCE sushi, and it can get quite expensive. If you’re a big eater expect to spend more than $20!

Sashimi and Tuna $13.50 (8 pieces)
Four pieces of Tuna.
Four pieces of Salmon.

Korean Spicy Pork Bone Stew $13.95
Big pork bones. Amount of edible pork meat may vary.

Korean Seafood Tofu Soup $13.95
Chunks of tofu, seafood medley comes with a side of rice.

Awesome Roll $9.50
Specialty sushi. Fancy plated, avocado, crab, cucumber, BBQ salmon, fish flake on top. Nice crunch with your sushi and the sauce is salty.

$-$$ Affordable. Prices here seem higher than similar restaurants. Korean menu seems expensive for the quality.

Just ok. The Tofu Soup was ok, but not as good as you’d find in a proper Korean restaurant. Soup seemed lacking ingredients.
The sashimi had mushy texture. The Awesome Rolls were nicely presented, but fell apart easily, and had too much sweet sauce.

Ok. The server said they were Japanese but they’re actually Korean and the receipt is also in Korean, but they greet you in Japanese when you enter.
Service seemed slow and the restaurant was not busy. One of the (overworked?) kitchen staff was sitting on the floor in front of the bathroom.

Sushi Royal House is another one of those budget Japanese sushi restaurants, the kind of place you go to for over-designed, elaborate sushi plates. Good for people working in the area, and students but the prices seem high for this quality. They have a big menu with not just sushi. Creative specialty sushi designs.
CASH, CARD. Street Parking.

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