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Ramen Danbo is a chain of Japanese ramen shops serving spicy Ramen.
“Tonkotsu ramen crafted in the Kyushu Hakata style.”
– Ramen Danbo Menu

At Ramen Danbo you can choose noodle thickness, noodle firmness,
thickness of broth, and amount of spice. Similar to Ramen Horin there is a
scoop of chili presented in the center of the soup.

Classic Chashu-men $13.45
Rich Broth, Thick Noodle, Medium Spice
Gyoza and Egg Topping $3.50 (Lunch Combo)

Total Spent at Ramen Danbo
Classic Chashu-men $13.45
Lunch Combo with Gyoza and extra topping Egg $3.50
$20.47 tax and tip.

$$ Expensive when you add Spice, Chachu, and Gyoza combo.

Ok. The flavor is average not mind-blowing.  Spice is not for everyone.
Portion seemed small.
Noodles are white and thin rather than yellow ramen.

Ok. Friendly. Seems to take a while to get our food.

A popular eatery with gimmicky customization option.
A different style of ramen that is not for everyone.
Good if you like adding chili to your ramen.
No option for LEAN or FAT pork. Choice of Toppings are limited.
Not Authentic Japanese business.
Cooks are not Japanese, and they seemed inexperienced.


1789 Comox St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1P5

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