Bean Banh Mi Modern Vietnamese Sandwich Shop is a Vietnamese sandwich shop along Kingsway in Little Saigon.

This is a NEW banh mi business in Vancouver. At the time of this video, they have been open for about 1 week.

“Bean” means success in Vietnamese. The owner is named Bean.

What We Ordered
#1 Special Tri-Meat Classic Deli Meats
#5 Beef Stew

VALUE: Good portion size and ingredients.

QUALITY: Fresh, clean. Very good!

SERVICE: Friendly. Straight forward menu. Clean presentation.

BUMMER: More expensive than other Banh Mi shops.

A few menu items not seen at other Banh Mi shops such as the Beef Stew, Meat Balls Banh Mi, and Five-Spice Chicken. Worth repeat visits to try each sandwich.

Address: 1198 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3C8

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