Mang Inasal is a barbecue fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines, best known for UNLIMITED RICE! This location is at SM City Mall in Pampanga.

What We Ordered
2-Piece Pork BBQ comes rice
Chicken BBQ with rice
Complimentary side of soup is handed out once you’re seated at your table.

This place was packed, with a line up to order. You have to wait to be seated by one of the servers, because it was so busy.

Simple meal of BBQ and rice. Pretty good for Fast-food!

Calamansi is provided. It’s like a lime. It’s used for citrus flavor.
A cross between citrus and kumquat.
Mix with soy sauce, and hot pepper for amazing flavor!

Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Patis (fish sauce) are also condiments at your table.

Overall, good fast-food BBQ. Very Filipino.

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