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McDonald’s Canada is offering a unique summer promotion.
‘World Taste Tour’ June 18 – July 29, features international
flavors China, Italy, Australia, Mexico, and France.

These are the last two items on the World Taste Tour at McDonald’s Canada.

Aussie BBQ + Egg Burger
Egg, Beet chips, cheese, lettuce,
smoky BBQ sauce, brioche-style bun.

Nice amount of cheese, egg. Crispy chips were good.
The brioche bun was nice and warm.
The burger patty was a good temperature.

French Crème Brûlée McFlurry
Vanilla soft serve, caramelized sugar topping
and Crème Brûlée sauce.

The French Crème Brûlée McFlurry was very good.
But some of the sugar topping was too hard and
bad for the teeth!

Overall, the Aussie BBQ Burger and
the French McFlurry are surprisingly good!

The McDonald’s dining experience definitely varies at each location, and time of day. This location was at Burnaby Metrotown, and the quality was pretty good, considering it is fast-food.

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