Greenderful serves Smoothie, Juice, and Salad in Vancouver’s Chinatown. It is a brand new business, with first time business owners. They have a few things to work out to improve the customer experience.

What We Ordered:
Green Energy $11.75
– Almond, Banana, Pineapple, Kale,
 Spinach, Almonds, Date, Chia Seeds, Spirulina

(Also ordered a cold plain matcha and water drink on a separate occasion.)

Looks like they only have one blender, so don’t expect Jugo Juice/Booster Juice style speed. The drinks are blended and poured facing away from the customer. Again, different from Jugo Juice/Booster Juice. The owners seem to think the customer doesn’t want to see what goes in the drink.

The Pineapple garnish added after blending the smoothie is not edible. Not sure if the garnish is reused with other drinks. It certainly doesn’t make sense with the drink when you get a to-go lid for the cup.

The prices seem high for this style of drink. One cup size was available at the time of purchase, nothing larger.

Noticed no tissue dispensers.

There are no trash bins.

The smoothie is served in plastic.

Value: The price is a bit high. Small cup size.
Quality: Made fresh, nice ingredients in smoothie.
Service: Friendly. Cash or Card.

Address: 636 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z6

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