A hot bowl of Chinese Congee is perfect for cold winter weather. Congee Noodle King in East Vancouver offers up lots of rice porridge, and other dishes. From BBQ duck to crispy noodles, get ready to eat we’ll take home some leftovers.

This is a popular CASH ONLY restaurant. I repeat, CASH ONLY! They’ve been around for years, and have never adopted Debit or Credit Card forms of payment.

  What We Ordered
 – House Special Seafood Congee
 – Chicken and Chinese Mushroom Chow Mein
 – Salt and Pepper Spicy Squid

House Special Seafood Congee
 – Squid, Fish, Shrimp, Mushroom, ginger
Steaming hot congee hits the spot! Good pieces of seafood, mushroom.

Chicken and Chinese Mushroom Chow Mein
– Crispy noodle
Very good, tasty.

Salt and Pepper Spicy Squid
– Very good.

Value: OK. Good portions for leftovers
Quality: Fast, fresh, hot! Lots of menu items
Service: Prompt, slower during busy hours.
Cash Only, no debit/credit

 3313 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5K6


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