A special year for the PNE one that is smaller, but still bringing joy and summer memories to locals.

The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) is Vancouver’s summer fair. A festival, and amusement park that has been going on for over 100 years. The first fair was held in August 1910 and was called Vancouver Exhibition. PNE is held at Hastings Park in East Vancouver.

PNE 2021 FUNdamentals! A scaled down version of the popular summer fair due to the pandemic. Despite being a smaller event, there’s still lots to EAT, see, and do! Lots of walking! The PNE is open 11AM – 11PM. Last Day is SEPT 6!

Because it’s a smaller scale event, the entrance has been pushed further into the park.

You can buy your tickets on the day at the entrance. Though on the website they it says ‘Advanced tickets are required’. Buying the ticket on location will save your from registering online with Ticketleader.

Adult (14-64years) $15 ($7 at 7PM)
Youth (6-13yrs) $12
Senior (65+) $12
Five and under FREE

Let’s take a look at the FOOD!
Very international selection of foods. Noodles, Dim Sum, and Tacos, with summer foods like hot dogs, burgers, and BBQ. There are a few under $10 foods, but most are $15+. Debit and Cash are accepted.


The main walkway/road of the PNE that connects to Playland is packed full of food vendors even for a smaller event. No shortage of food here! Which cuisine will you eat the at PNE?


What was the barn in previous years is now a Marketplace. The barn is still there but a smaller version of it. Sorry no animals in this video!

Ride Pass $39.50
Fun Pass $29.50
Individual Tickets $2

Gator BBQ
Beef Brisket and Pork Rib Combo $25

Take your food and grab a seat at the SuperDogs show. Just be careful the dogs will smell the BBQ!

SuperDogs 1:00/3:30/7:00pm daily, in the PNE Amphitheatre
These dogs are super talented! The show is much smaller because everything is on this stage. Previous years they had a lot of more space to run around.

Many different vendors here. The Marketplace is where you can get relax and get a free massage!


Lumberjack Show 2:00/4:30/7:30pm daily, near the Agrodome plaza
The show is a family friendly lumberjack comedy act by West Coast Lumberjack Shows. Some jokes for adults which the kids won’t understand.

Mini donuts! There’s several mini donuts vendors at PNE. This one is Cin City. They also have a shop on East Broadway. There was another popular mini-donuts vendor that did not attend PNE this year. Cin City is still good. Fun to watch the donuts swimming in oil!

Cin City Mini Donuts
13 mini donuts $7
Fresh and served HOT. Good portion size. Maybe a little too much sugar and not enough cinnamon.  You can also order plain donuts.

Jamaican Mi Juicy
Jamaican Patty Beef $5
Spicy and delicious! Jamaican food is not common in Vancouver. Nice to support this vendor.

Walking is good for digesting all the food!
It gets pretty busy later in the day but not as busy as it once was pre-pandemic.

There’s plenty more to see at night. Overall, a good PNE for these unusual times! Surprised they were able to organize this last minute. Hopefully, next year things will go back to normal!

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