La Maison Da Nang is a brand new restaurant on Victoria Drive in South Vancouver. For their Grand Opening there is a 10% Off special.

‘La Maison’ is French for the house, and Da Nang is a city in Vietnam.
The building at Victoria Dr. and 36th street is a totally new construction.

Nice big windows bring in natural light, and the interior is modern and clean. Tables are close together in cozy dining area.

The servers ask if you’d like tea or water. The tea is served in these cups with funny handles. Be careful you might spill your drink!

Nice menu design. Very modern to go with the modern interior.
A good sized menu, with lots of choices.


#30 Da Nang Mì Quảng Chicken $10.95
Nice presentation. Wide noodle, quail egg, chicken, sesame rice crackers, peanuts, and onions. This dish has a small amount of broth at the bottom of bowl.

#24 Pho Special $11.95
Beef Noodle Soup with Beef Ball, Tripe, Tendons, Brisket.
Light, clean broth compared to similar Vietnamese restaurants.

#2 Pork Spring Rolls $5.95
3 Rolls per order comes with a leaf of lettuce, and dipping sauce.


$-$$ Affordable. Similar to other Vietnamese restaurants in the area.

Pho broth was not as flavourful as other similar restaurants. Temperature was lukewarm and not hot.
Da Nang Quang Noodle was more spice over flavour.
Spring Rolls nicely wrapped and filled with meat but were served cold like they were not freshly fried.

Friendly but server lacked knowledge of the menu and specialties of the restaurant to recommend. Utensils are all in the same tray. Spoons hidden under forks and knives. Cups with strange handle, and overly designed plating decisions. The food was served pretty fast.

La Maison Da Nang is a brand new restaurant in a nice modern space. The food is ok with lots of ingredients used, but needs improvement for freshness, and flavour. In an area with many Vietnamese restaurants, La Maison Da Nang is lacking quality.

CASH and DEBIT at time of this video.

5195 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3V1

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