Grand Opening of Sumi Korean Restaurant in South Vancouver.

GRAND OPENING! Sumi Korean Restaurant on Victoria Drive in South Vancouver is a brand new restaurant offering Korean cuisine.

It is the only Korean restaurant in an area popular for Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.

Sumi Korean Restaurant has a nice clean and well-lit interior. Very spacious, there’s lots of seating inside.

Sumi Lunch Special menu is $14.95 and features FOUR menu options.
Bulgogi Marinated Beef, or Bulgogi Spicy Pork.
Seafood Tofu Soup, or Bean paste soup.

Available only MONDAY to FRIDAY! Not available on the weekends.

The regular menu has so many choices!
Some common Korean dishes you will see here are seafood pancake, hot pot, japchae noodles, galbi, bulgogi, and more!

However, the Lunch Special Menu is the best deal!

Large Combo Meals offer a variety of dishes, great for groups.


Sumi Lunch Special $14.95
Bulgogi Beef and Seafood Tofu Soup.
Nice presentation, and portion size!

The Lunch Special at Sumi comes with a side of salad, kimchi, potato, seaweed, bean sprouts, and radish. That’s SIX side dishes if you count the salad!

Steamed Rice
Nice detail on the steamed rice.
Black sesame seed sprinkled on top!

Seafood Tofu Soup (Medium Spicy) at Sumi is loaded with delicious ingredients. They do not skimp on the portion size. There is lots of tofu, egg, veggies, mushroom, squid, and shrimp! Be sure to tell them how spicy you want it as they might forget to ask you.

Side Dishes

Miyeok Muchim (Seaweed Salad).
Slightly sweet, and vinegary flavour, chewy texture, delicious!

Korean pickled onion and radish.
Vinegary, nice crunch when you bite it!

Kongnamool (Korean Soybean Sprouts)

Side salad with citrus dressing.

Potato and of course Kimchi!

They will giveĀ  you one Banchan Refill.

Protip: Finish all the side dishes before requesting a refill so you get maximum REFILL!

$-$$ Affordable. Fair pricing for this amount of food. Similar to other restaurants.

Very good! Nice portion size, and amount of ingredients used.

Good. The owner and servers are very friendly. Sometimes they forget to ask how spicy you want the tofu soup. One Refill of Banchan side dishes.

Sumi Korean Restaurant is easily a solid Korean cuisine destination in South Vancouver/ East Vancouver. The Lunch Menu is very good, and the amount of food you get will leave you SATISFIED! Worth repeat visits.

CASH, CARD. Street Parking.

5628 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3W4

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