What a fancy name! Fancy prices! But is the food any good?


Cafe de l’Orangerie located off SW Marine Drive on 73rd street in Marpole is
a unique little restaurant serving Japanese comfort food, and Japanese style
spaghetti dishes. Some say it’s Japanese-French, or Japanese-Italian, Cantonese-Japanese, but whatever it is Cafe de l’Orangerie offers
something different.

Japanese dishes you’ll find are karaage, croquette, curries,  dishes on steamed rice, and variety of spaghetti prepared differently. They are also known for their dessert Tarts and teas popular for Hong Kong Tea Time. The menu has a ok selection but note pasta is limited to spaghetti. SPAGHETTI only.

Chicken Karaage $8
This style of Chicken Karaage is like popcorn chicken. The pieces of chicken vary in size. Comes with mayonnaise and a wedge of lemon.

Croquette 2 Pieces $6
The croquette is filled with rice. Italian style croquette?
Different from potato croquette at a Japanese restaurant like Hi Genki in Burnaby.

Salmon & Chips $14.00
2 pieces of fried fish. Surprisingly good. Comes with lemon wedge, coleslaw, and pickle.

Pasta Hayashi Spaghetti (Beef Stew) w Hamburger $16.00
Interesting presentation. Beef stew sauce, with a side of pasta, and a burger on top. The burger was hot, and the combination of noodles and stew was good.

Matcha Tart $5.75
Fair portion of Matcha Tart. Tastes like Matcha tea, light texture, good crust. There is some noticeable bitterness to this tart.

Blueberry Cheese Tart $5.75
The server said the tarts are made in-house.
The Blueberry Tart is no surprise sweet. Fair portion size. Good crust.

Detox (Caffeine-free) Small Tea $3.50
Loose leaf tea “Owner’s Blend”
Comes with tea pot. Good for 2 people. You can ask for water refills.

Total before tax and tip


$$ Affordable but pricey. Under $20 for main dishes. Expect to spend around $20 – $30 per person with appetizer, drink, dessert.

OK. Light spaghetti not too heavy sauce or big portion. The pastas are not made in-house. Your choice is limited to spaghetti, fries or white rice.
The dessert tarts are made in-house and are a highlight.
Had better karaage and croquette elsewhere.
Salmon and chips were good but portion seems small.

First server who took our order didn’t know much about the food preparation, limited English. Second server was friendly and talkative.

Nice place, popular with the office crowd and those looking for Japanese curries, noodles, and tea time dessert. Ok spaghetti if you like this style. Looks like menu is limited to spaghetti, rice dishes, or fries. No pasta variety.

CASH, CARD. Limited street parking.

1320 W 73rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6P 4R3

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