Japanese Bistro Kamome also known as Kamome Japanese Bistro is located in East Vancouver serving bento, donburi, soups, and more.

The previous business that occupied this space served sushi. Kamome DOES NOT serve sushi but they have a large menu of delicious cooked dishes and good prices.

(The closest thing they have to sushi would be Poke.)

Japanese-style menu display. Lots of choices!

Udon Combo $10
Beef Udon and Tuna Onigiri

Beef Udon
Delicious served hot, with nice seaweed toppings
Good pieces of beef.

Chicken Bowl Donburi $7.50
Delicious! Nice presentation.
Comes with cucumber and radish, seaweed toppings.
Portion size is a little small for big eaters.

Chicken Karrage $5.50
6 pieces. Comes with Japanese Mayo dip, and lemon.
Portion size varies. Better get 2 Orders of Karrage!


$-$$ Affordable.

Pretty good. Good menu. Items served hot, with nice extras like salad, radish, seaweed, miso soup. Delicious food!

Friendly and helpful.
Dishes made slowly with care.

Authentic Japanese owned business. If you’re looking for Japanese food in the East Van area and not looking for sushi, Kamome Japanese Bistro is a good choice.


5228 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R 6C3

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