Bao Bakery is the younger hipster version of Vancouver’s
famous historic New Town Bakery & Restaurant.

New Town Bakery, and Bao Bakery serve Cantonese cuisine,
and also Filipino dishes.

Bao Bakery shares the same recipes for steamed buns, and pastries.
However, unlike New Town Bakery, there are no soups, wontons, or chow mein at Bao Bakery, but they do have Siu Mai Dim Sum.

Egg Rolls also known as Lumpia to Filipinos
is served with a side of sweet sauce. $5.25 (9 Pieces)

Chicken filled steam bun $2.85.

BBQ Pork (Asado) filled steam bun $2.50
One of the most popular steamed bun.

Ube Bun $1.95
Soft and delicious.

Ube Puff $2.25
Not so much a puff, more like a crumble.

If you’re craving wonton noodle soup with your steamed buns,  you’ll have to go to New Town Bakery for that.

$ Affordable. Ok prices.
Nothing too expensive but not super cheap.

Good portion size, and flavors.
Freshness depends on the time of baking.

Friendly. Fast, unfussy. English speaking.

Good steamed buns, pastries,
and Filipino snacks.


5115 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R 4G8

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