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 Oh! Zzhu Sam in Burnaby has an odd name but the menu
is very good! Sizzling dishes, stews, and Korean food favorites.

There are 3 banchan side dishes offered.
Radish, kimchi, potato.

Tofu Soup
Steaming hot bowl of Soon Tofu Jjigae $9.50
Comes with a side of rice served in metal bowl not stone pot.

Nice amount of Tofu, beef, and veggies! The flavor is very good.

Steamed Pork Dumpling $10.50 8 Pieces.
Comes with a side of dipping sauce.

On this visit, the side dishes were replenished once
without extra charge.

Dumplings $10.50
Tofu Soup $9.50
Side of Rice $2.00
TAX $1.10
TIP $3.47

TOTAL $26.57

$$ Typical pricing. Not cheap.

Delicious! Very good Tofu Soup.
Lots of ingredients, meat portion, and flavor.
Small rice portion. Had to order extra rice.

Friendly, helpful.

Nice place for Korean food favorites. Flavorful and filling Tofu soup
Dumplings are decent portion size.
Cash, Debit accepted.

There are sizzling dishes on the menu that require 2 or more people before ordering.

 7506 Edmonds St, Burnaby, BC V3N 1B4

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