Comebuy Bubble Tea is another chain Taiwanese Bubble Tea shop
that has popped up in the Lower Mainland. This one is in
Burnaby at Crystal Mall (outdoor access).

There is also another location in Kerrisdale.

One size offered, All large sizes.
Limited English on menu. Ingredients in Chinese?

 What We Ordered

QQ Milk Tea $5.50 – Large (One size offered)
Konjac Jelly at the top, and Pearls (boba) at bottom.
Some ice, but it was mostly milk and tea.

Typical bubble tea prices $5+. More than Starbucks.

QQ Milk Tea was good. A bit sweet.
Recommend reducing sugar.

Friendly, fast preparation.
The menu is mostly in Chinese but explanation
in English was helpful.

Unique flavors, small menu with limited English.
Small shop, cramped, limited seating.
One drink size only. CASH, DEBIT.

Address1610 – 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2A9

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