For the adventurous eater.

Pho Thai Hang 2 sounds like a funny name for a restaurant.
The outside of the restaurant is plastered in Vietnamese
language so it seems very intimidating.

If you can get past the store front, the menus inside are in English and you will be pleasantly surprised by the selection of authentic food.

This place offers a variety of authentic Vietnamese food,  not just your standard Pho Beef Noodle soup. While the Pho is fine in itself, there are plenty of other dishes worth trying on repeat visits.

The restaurant is large, and has been around many years. It is popular with real Vietnamese families. It was pretty clean on the times we’ve been here.

What We Ordered

The #32 Pork Skewer and Deep Fried Spring Roll over vermicelli. No Soup.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Lemon Grass pork and rice comes with a side of soup.

Good prices, combos, and portion size.

Fresh veggies, hot BBQ, and fried spring rolls.

Basic, fast, friendly. Can be slow during peak times.

Authentic Vietnamese eats., and good prices.
Large menu, and lots of seating. CASH ONLY.

 1962 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 4N8

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