Vaisakhi Celebration April 14 2018 South Vancouver Fraser, 49th St, Main St.

Vaisakhi is a Sikh and Punjabi harvest holiday but it is also known for being a food festival. FREE Vegetarian Food!

There are many tents on the food tour along Fraser, 49th, and Main.
Serving food, and drink, chai and water!

 Typically at a restaurant chai tea can cost $2.50-$3.50+.

Variety of dishes to sample.
So many that you will get full from eating so much!

Dish 1 – Pakora, and Indian sweets.

Dish 2 – ‘Toast bread’ fried soft bread w/ ketchup

Dish 3 – Chickpea sandwich.

Dish 4 – sweet rice, and veggie pakora.

Dish 5 – white rice, and veggie curry.

Dish 6 – Veggie samosa, chickpea,
tomatoes, onions, chutney.

Dish 7 – Pears in sour sauce.

Dish 8 – Milk and Soda beverage.

Dish 9 – Chickpeas, indian sweet Jalebi, naan.

Dish 10 – Chickpea and naan.

Vaisakhi is a great way to learn about
Indian Sikh culture and food.

An abundance of food flavors worth experiencing!
This video doesn’t feature all the food tents from the event.

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