Himalaya offers All You Can Eat buffet style curries, rice, naan bread, samosas, and desserts. This sounds like the perfect restaurant for AYCE lovers but unfortunately, Himalaya misses the mark.

The good:

There is a decent buffet selection from veggies to chutney, rice and chicken curries.

The bad:

The food is cold. Not just cold, but dangerously unsafe food temperature. You may get food poisoning. 

The food has lots of sauces, and spices, but ultimately is salty and lacks flavor! Even the chai tea was bland with sugar added.

There are two locations of Himalaya; one in Richmond (no.5 road), and one in Vancouver (Main st.). We visited the location in Richmond.

The server was friendly and welcoming. They offered veggie samosa while in line at the buffet.

This is the type of place that you think would be great to just fill up because it is a buffet, but even at $13.95 for lunch, the quality does NOT keep you coming back for more.

Address: 4011 No 5 Rd, Richmond, BC V6V 1G5


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