Did you know you can order a Double patty cheese burger at Cactus Club? It’s not exactly on the menu… Watch the video to find out!


Order any burger from the menu. Order the CHEAPEST burger, so you can add more to it.

Ask your server for an extra patty.

The price of the patty may vary per location. At the Vancouver Coal Harbour Cactus Club, the patty was $4. Not too bad right? Your server may be surprised you’re asking for an extra patty, and he or she may not know the price of the patty. They might have to ask their manager.

Not only do they add the patty, but they also dress it up at no extra charge. As you can see in the video the extra patty fits right in with the rest of the burger.

There you have it, a Double Cheese Burger at Cactus Club!

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