Black truffle Dim Sum , and more at Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant in Richmond, BC.

Fancy interior, and lots of photos on the walls, but is the food any good?

Chef Tony in Richmond, BC offers high priced Chinese cuisine, known for lunch Dim Sum
with exotic ingredients such as black truffle.

Lots to choose from. Remember the item number because the ordering sheet is in Chinese Only.

Prices for Dim Sum items $4.68 to $8.28

What We Ordered:

– Lettuce, tofu and fish ball congee

– Bean curd wrapped in rice roll

– Mushroom and black truffle dumpling

– Stir-fried rice noodles with matsutake
and beef shoulder $23.80!

– Deep-fried Taro and abalone dumplings

– Popcorn Chicken

– Pan-fried chicken wing with Goose liver
and sticky rice stuffing. $7.80 each.

– Black truffle, pork and shrimp dumplings

– Steamed dried scallops and preserved meat radish cake

– Sticky rice with ground meat.

Reservations are recommended for
weekend brunch and lunch.

Value: Higher price than average. For special occasions.
Quality: Unique items, but small portions.
Service: Good, but slow during busy hours.

Address: 4600 No 3 Rd #101,
Richmond, BC V6X 2C2

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