Manny’s Grill and Silog House located in Burnaby serves up Filipino cuisine with a focus on BBQ and breakfast comfort food.

 Silog are a style of dishes consumed at breakfast.

 What We Ordered!
 – Lumpia
 – Tapsilog
 – BBQ skewers
 – Pancit
 – Sinigang

 $8.99 Steak and eggs with garlic rice and vinegar.

BBQ Pork Skewers $8.99 Two skewers w/ rice. Good portion and flavor! Ration of meat and fat pieces on stick varies.

Pancit Canton $9.99 Large portion of rice and egg noodles enough to feed a small group of hungry people! Contains pork.

Lumpia $6.50 10 Pieces plus sweet and sour sauce appetizer size. Tasty! Contains pork. 

Sinigang Pork Rib $9.95 Very cool presentation, lots of veggies pork pieces, and flavorful hot soup! Impressive!

Value: Good value for the whole family. Quality: Good portions! Service: Friendly. Fast, slower when busy. Cash, Debit and Credit.

Address: 7660 6th St, Burnaby, BC V3N 3M7
Located in Burnaby but near New West.

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