Friday, April 20, 2018


This is what WWE Superstar and #MonsterAmongMen Braun Strowman orders at Chipotle.  #GetTheseHands #GetThisBowl

The Braun Bowl

 1 scoop of rice
 Grilled veggies
 3 scoops of steak
 2 scoops of chicken
 Cheese if you're'feeling froggy'.
Add some lettuce for extra green.

Not sure if it's white or brown rice. And it sounds like he skips the beans.

Depending on where you are in the world, the price will vary but should be around $25.

 Will you try this massive order at Chipotle?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Indian Food Tour at Vaisakhi 2018 South Vancouver - Vancouver Food Reviews

Vaisakhi Celebration April 14 2018 South Vancouver Fraser, 49th St, Main St.

Vaisakhi is a Sikh and Punjabi harvest holiday but it is also known for being a food festival. FREE Vegetarian Food!

There are many tents on the food tour along Fraser, 49th, and Main.
Serving food, and drink, chai and water!

FREE Fresh Chai Tea... ENDLESS CHAI!
 Typically at a restaurant chai tea can cost $2.50-$3.50+.

Variety of dishes to sample.
So many that you will get full from eating so much!

Dish 1 - Pakora, and Indian sweets.

Dish 2 - 'Toast bread' fried soft bread w/ ketchup

Dish 3 - Chickpea sandwich.

Dish 4 - sweet rice, and veggie pakora.

Dish 5 - white rice, and veggie curry.

Dish 6 - Veggie samosa, chickpea,
tomatoes, onions, chutney.

Dish 7 - Pears in sour sauce.

Dish 8 - Milk and Soda beverage.

Dish 9 - Chickpeas, indian sweet Jalebi, naan.

Dish 10 - Chickpea and naan.

Vaisakhi is a great way to learn about
Indian Sikh culture and food.

An abundance of food flavors worth experiencing!
This video doesn't feature all the food tents from the event.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Uncle Willy's is a local favorite family buffet with a large selection and good prices.

 They are best known for their FRIED CHICKEN. All You Can Eat Fried Chicken and Rotisserie Chicken!

 The fried chicken is crispy, fresh, and hot when replenished. Better get there quick before it's all gone!

VALUE: Good price for Lunch, and Dinner. ALL YOU CAN EAT! Something for everyone. Come for the FRIED CHICKEN! 

QUALITY: Good selection of items. Food temperature is acceptable. Hot when fresh. 

SERVICE: Food is replenished often, and servers take away used plates often. CASH, CREDIT, DEBIT.

 TIP: Food is replenished and fresh during peak times. Come here when it's busy, not when it's slow.

This is a good option to get your All You Can Eat fix. Not many places offer endless Fried chicken, and roast chicken. There's lots to choose from for the whole family.

 Address: 6411 Nelson Ave #100, Burnaby, BC V5H 4H3